Squarebody LS Motor Mount Adapters


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Tejas SteelWorks Motor Mounts for 2wd Squarebody Trucks!

This is your solution for a clean, factory like install on your Squarebody C/K truck! Our 2nd generation mounts eliminate the clamshell bracket, but use the OE rubber clamshell isolators. They are the center of our systematic approach to putting an LS in these trucks. We’ve tried to answer all your questions in our C10 Swap Guide!
Our proprietary engine position allows you to keep the GM truck oil pan flush with the 2wd suspension crossmember, and retain the low mount A/C compressor (Denso 10S17F type is preferred). This position is approximately 3″ forward of “stock’ location, as required to keep the low mount compressor. This saves you $300 or more on an A/C relocation bracket. This is money we strongly suggest you invest in driveshaft upgrades. The factory driveshafts aren’t safe at the potential speeds the LS can turn them to.

These do work in your 4wd Squarebody! They should clear the crossmember under the engine, and allow you to keep the low mount compressor.  Transmission and transfer case need to be repositioned. How much will vary depending on combination used.

These mounts are frequently used in 1964-1972 model C10s by swapping in the engine stands from a 1973-1987 model. Most automatic transmissions clear the tunnel without modifications. They will not work in ’72 and earlier 4wd trucks.

Sold in pars, with hardware and detailed instructions.

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