Squarebody Gen V (L83/L86) Conversion Kit


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Install a GM L83 or L86 V8 into your ’73-’91 GM full size truck, WITH FACTORY ACCESSORIES.

This kit includes proven Tejas SteelWorks engine mounting brackets, high clearance transmission cross-member, transmission cushion, a Tejas SteelWorks exclusive Type II power steering pump by AGR – Steerco especially calibrated for your Squarebody, pump mounting kit by LSX Innovations, remote reservoir, hose kit and drive belt.

It is necessary to delete the vacuum pump in order to mount the power steering pump. You retain the original waterpump, alternator, A/C compressor and accessory drive. We allow you to add a hydraulic power steering pump and provide the supporting parts to complete this install.

Choose the year of truck and transmission option from the drop down menu.

The power steering pump has a ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Buy 4 qts AGR Performance power steering fluid with your kit to extend your pump warranty to TWO FULL YEARS!

Additional information

Weight 32 lbs

2wd 1973-1980 with 8L90 or 10L80 transmission, 2wd 1973-1980 with 6L80 or 6L90e transmission, 2wd 1981-1991 with 8L90 or 10L80 transmission, 2wd 1981-1991 with 6L80 or 6L90e transmission


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