Gen 3 LS ECM Mount


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This is the Tejas SteelWorks C10 ECM mount for your LS swapped Square Body!

There are FIVE versions available. 

  • NEW** BP Automotive fuse box compatible (BPA)
  • NEW** (Bussman) Fuse box, sometimes found on Painless brand harnesses
  • One for the common, universal (ATO) fuse blocks found on many aftermarket harnesses;
  • Another for the fully weatherproof mini-fuse and relay enclosure manufactured by (Littlefuse).
  • The third model has no provision for mounting a fuse box, and can be (Drill to Suit). It works especially well with harnesses from Current Performance.
    Both are designed to self locate on an existing hole in the driver’s side fender well.

The ECM will stand upright, maximizing cooling of the case, and protecting the main connectors from settling moisture.

These are designed to mount your Gen III LS ECM (’99-’07) directly to the bracket with hardware provided. The fuse block is to be attached to a sturdy shelf on the opposite side. A notch on the lower edge provides safe clearance for the fuse harness to pass through.

Constructed of 10 gauge mild steel, this mount is STURDY!

No, it isn’t as cheap as a flat piece of aluminum, but it is serving more than one function. It mounts your fuse block, your ECM, and has room to spare where you can attach relays or even a small power bus.

This is your answer for creating a tidy and practical nerve center for your LS swapped Square, easily accessed right there under the hood.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Fuse Box

Gen 3 ECM mount for BP Automotive fuse box, Gen 3 ECM Mount for generic ATO fuse blocks, Gen 3 ECM Mount for Littlefuse weatherproof fuse box, Gen 3 ECM Mount with no fuse box mount, drill to suit, Gen 3 ECM Mount with Bussman fuse box (Painless)


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